Time Drone D-Load

For those that could not tune in: Sated With Abandonment - Live on Time Drone 05/17/2012

1. Jack Hertz - Eclipse
2. M.Peck - Sated with Abandonment
3. Shane Morris & Mystified - Jurassic Dawn
4. Zigo Rayopineal - Bioterio De Maschines
5. Blue Sausage Infant - The Moss Takes Over (Original Mix)
6. Blue Sausage Infant - Yggdrasil (Original Mix)
7. Music From the Film - Sinking
8. Music From the Film - Cosmic Web
9. Music From the Film - Syncing
10. Music From the Film - Cup
11. No-Thing Art Attic, Baltimore, MD 1989-09-16 Side A


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a link to the download. Time differences are a real pain (I'm in Scotland), so I often can't listen to shows like these live. Have downloaded the show, and am looking forward to hearing it.