Alternoia - The New False Gods

"Alternoia is the result of the collaboration between a group of prominent artists who create work under a variety of electronic sub-genres. Under the direction of Jack Hertz, artists were tasked to create music for an album inspired by 'altered states' and 'paranoia,' hence the name: "Alternoia." Working as 7h3 n3w ƒ4£$3 90Ðz (The New False Gods), their divine skillz have produced a unique set of tracks that, in my mind, are truly evocative of the album title. Jack Hertz created demos for each track that were given to each artist to work on. What is great about this album is that each track is unique and contains elements of noise, jazz, dark ambient, etc. The elements have been masterfully mixed together to produce an album that is melodic, strange and otherworldly."

This collab album features the track Polynoisia which was created by Hertz using stem material from Kuwahara. We are happy to amidst the many talented artists on this release. Use this link for a free download. Donations are accepted I'm sure.

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