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AW:  Can you describe the way you receive your inspirations for your musical creativity?

MP:  I believe that inspiration is all around us at all times. I'm a very visual person, so often I find myself looking at inanimate objects and asking myself what it may "sound" like and then build soundscapes or sound palettes that best reflect said object(s).

AW:  Of all of your music that you have created over the years, what is YOUR favorite of your own creation track and why?

MP:  I can't say that there is one specific track that stands out, but I will ay that my favorite works are from collaborations with others.

AW:  How do you want your music to affect your fans and listeners?

MP:  In the end, I hope that each album takes the listener on a journey.

AW:  Are you a spiritual person? Does this have an affect on your music?

MP:  I would have to lean more towards Sub-Genius than spiritual. But truth be told, I do often compose with spirituality in mind, and offer more of an audible reflection of the struggles of mankind. 

AW:  Can you describe your process of how you create your music from original idea to release?

MP:  Again it all comes back to visuals. It's a natural ebb and flow; you take something in, you give something back. It also depends on composition. I approach a live set much more differently than an album. My albums tend to be more conceptual as opposed to my live sets which tend to cover a lot of
ground quicker, either that or I just play faster.

AW:  Live performances and touring outside of your home base area...  any thoughts of presenting shows in other areas?

MP:  I admit that it has become more difficult to play outside of home base for several reasons that I am sure plague many touring artists (the price of gas to name just one), but over the years I've developed some great friendships with other musicians, supporters and promoters that always make
me make the journey. Never with any regrets, it's always an adventure (ask Mark Mahoney), plus, having the opportunity to see other people live play always incites inspiration.

AW:  Who's music do YOU listen to?  What genres of music do you enjoy?  How have they influenced you?

MP:  Current rotation includes Author and Punisher, Genghis Tron, Chris Whitley, i Am esper, WILT and revisiting Bruce Haack. We all learn from listening.  And the more good music you can listen to, the better off you are.

AW:  What inspires you to keep up the pace of your creativity and generating new releases?

MP:  I compose and collaborate with friends. We all live in different corners of the United States, so we see it as a continuance of the friendship and a way to continue working together and inspiring one another. I'm lucky enough to live near Mark and Ross Shapton, so we have the opportunity to
jam, record source material, and bounce ideas off of each other.

AW:  Do you feel that the internet has helped or hampered the growth of your music and followers?

MP:  I can say that it has only helped. When I have to mail a CD across the Atlantic, that's because of the internet, because someone heard the music on the web, not because my CD is in there local record store.

AW:  If you had to describe your music to someone who has never heard it before, how would you respond?

MP:  That's always fun. Explaining to someone that it's cinematic at times, or it has texture, organic vs. industrial or... they usually say "Like Pink Floyd?" and I just say yes, sorta but not really. At times, just not all the time, and probably not as good.

AW:  Are you active in the social media areas to connect to your fans? Website? Blog?


AW:  Many thanks for taking the time to respond.  Much appreciated!

MP:  The thanks goes to you!

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