New Release from the Mighty K

You know we released this just so it could make your Top Ten of 2013 right?

New Full Length from KUWAHARA

The latest release from my project KUWAHARA (w/Mike Honeycutt) will be available in December. It's been over a year since our last full length Kandyheart Afghan was released. Currently we are mastering tracks, and working on artwork (title TBA). Those familiar with the mighty K will undoubtedly embrace this release and revel in its sonic assault and unwavering bleakness. Not to say this is a one trick pony, on the contrary; this full length straddles the drone/dark ambient realms, yet utilizes influences from other post electronic genres bending them in such a way that they intermingle with senses. This will truly be an emotional audible experience to say the least. More info to come. Join the Kult.

David Bowie - Love Is Lost

Always ahead of the curve. Always timeless. Always inspiring...

David Bowie - Hearts Filthy Lesson

William Birdcock's Rotting Corpse Soundtrack

WM Birdcock is cultivated and curated by the folks from Unicorn Afterbirth, or rather local idionoise syntnhesisavants Patrik and Erin. They have been putting out a local zine for sometime now focusing and exposing the underbelly of regional talents and audio atrocity. Their latest manifesto William Birdcock's Rotting Corpse pays homage to all things dark and south of heaven. The zine itself is a folded standard DIY 8.5x11 B&W enclosed in a plastic evidence bag which incudes a 60min. audio cassette and artwork to accompany each track submitted by each respective artist. If you're in or near the Tri - Cities tomorrow, 10/25 stop by the Hideaway (Downtown JC on Main) to pick up your copy of this limited release. $3 for Zine + Download code and $5 for Zine + Cassette and DL Codes.
My featured track "Hearse Song" is available for free download as it is an exclusive track not featured on the cassette. The artwork for my track was provided and captured by Aaron Jones. Take a long look at this.
Kill the lights. Enjoy.

New Video From THE BODY

See folks, when getting baptized, it's always important to ask how, if you haven't asked why, and for what and for whom.


One thing I've always had respect for and go out of my way to seek out is the ubiquitous one man band (Voodoo Organist, Bob Logg, Captured! By Robots). Now, this bad mamajamma right here is the real deal folks. I dig this guy! I don't have a clue as to what he is saying, but damnit; I can tell he means it! Reminds me of Dave Yow from the Jesus Lizard in a way, which is always a plus. Rock on MachineMan. Let's jam.

The Passing Of A Friend

The circle of life has finally come full circle for a dear friend of many. Kevin Haller (aka Killer Haven, Burning Artist Sale and many more) passed away within this past week. This is not an entry of grieving but of rejoice in having had the many opportunity to sit alongside him in conversation, watch him perform and share the stage on many occasions. Our last being at electro-music, Asheville 2013. We talked about collaborating when we were to meet up at MEME in Indy this past August. I was unable to attend and never saw Kevin again. The last we spoke was during the Fall Equinox. Kevin was one of those rare souls. High on music and a supportive energy rarely exercised by peers. He had no fronts. No ulterior motives. No bullshit. He was the real deal. He was there for the music, and given his prolific library of releases and show dates, it was always there for him. Shine on Kevin. You will be missed.