Mark Mahoney & M. Peck-IMPRINT

Self-released (2006)

"To understand the brilliance of Imprint, the new album from M. (Michael) Peck and Mark Mahoney (two members of the trio The Amaranth Signal and also solo artists in their own right), merely read the following quote from the liner notes: “From lush celestial harmonics to the undercurrent of something altogether subterranean, our goal was to create an album that is at once undefinable, yet accessible. That was our intention – this our imprint.” That sums it up nicely - undefinable yet accessible. Wielding an assortment of analogue and digital synths and a theremin (yeah!), Mahoney and Peck circumnavigate the entire ambient electronic music globe, from its earlier days of psychedelic noodlings to melodic soundscapes of retro golden age influence to contemporary abstract textural works, but always staying rooted firmly in a base of the familiar so as not to alienate the less adventurous fan of the genre. The first track, “A Fabled Utopia,” brings to mind such pioneers of electronics and synthesizers in music such as Fifty Foot Hose, Hawkwind, and Tonto’s Expanding Headband. Opening with spacy swirls of retro keys, weird effects and warm washes of synthesizer, before glowing glistening organ-like notes twinkle against an inky backdrop of cyber-crickets…and this is all in the first two minutes."
New Age Reporter from Wind and Wire's, Bill Binkleman:
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