"Here's an album that lives up to its title. Managing to be both sharply beautiful and darkly sinister, this collage of ambient, experimental metal is challenging in all the right ways. The incorporation of electronic sounds into a surreal semi-metal environment is nothing new, but these guys take it a step further, slipping in theremin vibes and strange programming and sampling elements that peel the skin back even further. Considering that there are six musicians involved in the playing, it's slightly surprising to hear a resulting sound that ethereal but complete, full but not too busy. You could call this ambient noise, but I'm not sure if that's giving it enough credit. This is an album you can listen to with headphones on and catch a ton of subtleties that you may have missed through your standard sound system. Fans of Mr. Bungle, John Zorn, and abstract experimental music will have no trouble diving headfirst into this one."
Author: CD Baby Editorial Staff
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