William Birdcock's Rotting Corpse Soundtrack

WM Birdcock is cultivated and curated by the folks from Unicorn Afterbirth, or rather local idionoise syntnhesisavants Patrik and Erin. They have been putting out a local zine for sometime now focusing and exposing the underbelly of regional talents and audio atrocity. Their latest manifesto William Birdcock's Rotting Corpse pays homage to all things dark and south of heaven. The zine itself is a folded standard DIY 8.5x11 B&W enclosed in a plastic evidence bag which incudes a 60min. audio cassette and artwork to accompany each track submitted by each respective artist. If you're in or near the Tri - Cities tomorrow, 10/25 stop by the Hideaway (Downtown JC on Main) to pick up your copy of this limited release. $3 for Zine + Download code and $5 for Zine + Cassette and DL Codes.
My featured track "Hearse Song" is available for free download as it is an exclusive track not featured on the cassette. The artwork for my track was provided and captured by Aaron Jones. Take a long look at this.
Kill the lights. Enjoy.

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