The Allknowing

2011 might very well be approaching it's exit, but alas, there is still time.

Upcoming Releases

Mahoney and Peck - Title TBA.
The next full length offers new material collected from recent Live Performances as well as studio material previously unreleased. Scheduled for late November 2011. Waiting World Records.

M. Peck - Live at the Gatherings
Captured live during my 2011 performance in Philadelphia, this 45+ minute longform piece dwells in the realm of ethno-ambient, dark ambient and sparse electronics. Scheduled for late November/December 2011. Waiting World Records.

M. Peck and Dan Minoza - Title TBA.
Over the past few months I have been collaborating with Dan Minoza, Chapman Stick  aficionado, and dronemeister extraordinaire. Currently, we have 10 tracks and are wrapping up the final pieces for this monumental release. Scheduled late 2011, early 2012. Waiting World Records.

In The Works
Kuwahara - KandyHeartAfghan
Material for our followup to HoneyCult is already underway, and set for release in early 2012.

M. Peck - Bone
Psychedelic atmospheres of synth, guitar and theremin find their place to construct this abstract outlook on Mid-Western Rural America and the implications of solitude. Release date TBA. The Institute for Organic Conversations.

t o n g u e s
Adding to the ever growing list of collaborations, tongue is the outcome of a long time friendship with beat appreciator and maker Timmy Sanchez (Los Mofos, WO74, 24hr. Front Desk, OCOAI). The project itself is influenced by beat sketches and cerebral melody; our main ingredients for down tempo, sub-conscious infiltration sure to make particles bond and neurons fire. Expect an EP to drop in 2012.

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