CitySkies Day 1

Arrived around 4:30, check in, unload gear, unwind. The venue is only minutes away, nestled in the Oakhurst area of Decatur.  An oasis if you will of hipsters and shitsters. Designer couples with their designer dogs, $800 strollers and GAP ad children. But on the other hand, you've got people just like you and me. The kind of people Republicans really wish didn't exist.
First up- Drachemusik, aka Charles Shriner. A one man cyber jazz ensemble from Indy. This was a new set, more akin to his after-hours sets with some modal improvasations over the top of the glitch beat backdrop. Broken Symmetry followed and froze time for about 45 minutes with a deep, deep, ambient set. Having never heard these guys, I'm glad I didn't miss them. Up next was some of the finest tribal ambient I've seen or heard live to date thanks to Tony Gerber and Paul Vnuk Jr. Damn. Finishing the night was an impromptu collaboration from Burning Artist(s) Sale featuring Kevin Haller, Shane Morris, and Klimchack, which started as a a floating, spacey movement, inevitebly set course for an electro-acoustic, polyrhythmic orgy finale.
Back at the hotel, Mark and I set up shop and listened to playback of our recent rehearsals.Rather, I did. I don't think Mark made it past the 7 minute mark.

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