08/13/2010 Afterthought

Last Friday's show at the Hideaway was perhaps the most fulfilling set I've had in a long time. Days before I would not have thought that as the video card in my trusted Sager took a dump which presented a whole new opportunity to jam on some hardware. Bryan and I performed two pieces (Untitled, Hide and Play Dead) and executed them with unbridled intensity and passion. You truly had to be there (which by the way, where were you?)
Next up was Mannequin Hollowcaust, a veteran of the NETN noise scene and all around great guy. It seems MH has finally found his niche colliding power electronics with pre-war area mountain singer mashups. The result is a haunting delivery of Appalachia Experimentalism at its finest. Next up was Xrin Arms, which totally threw us a curve ball with a brilliantly executed set of underground hip hop. JC's own KILLBOT closed the night with a 20 minute set of chipped out gabbergrind. With an impromptu piece at the end discussing the terminology of Computer Science, who would of thought chanting HTML could be so fun?

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