07/28/2010 Afterthoughts...

Last Wednesday proved to be an excellent night. Hostage Pageant opened the night with a wonderfully executed analog noise set. Great use of textures ebbing and flowing from some hand built and custom gear that one rarely sees here in East TN. His set was short, my only complaint because I could've withstood another 30 minutes easy. Up next was yours truly. I pulled off a totally improvised set with the laptop and my Akai MPK25 controller using Reaktor and Atmospheres. I'll post the set in a day or so. Following me was Bryan Lewis Saunders. Prior to the show he had asked if I would join him and put a little mojo to what he had going on, which I gladly obliged. Here's a clip of our set.


Sadly, I had to bail before The Growth went on. But rest assured, I could hear the tortured oscillators screaming as I was walking to my car. Thanks to everyone that could make it out.

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