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The fine folks at NPR have been so kind to post two entire full lengths of the latest albums from The Black Keys and Harvey Milk. Somehow the two go hand in hand.
"Brothers", the latest from the Akron based blues outfit The Black Keys is more than just a rehashed, second stab at Attack and Release; it's perhaps the best the band has yet to put out. Teaming up again with producer Danger Mouse, this slab of folk/rock/blues relies more on the lyrical content and arrangement than previous Black Keys releases and it shows. Each track is a stand out, there isn't a dull moment. And damnit I mean that.

On Harvey Milk's latest release ""A Small Turn of Human Kindness"shows a glimpse vulnerability and sincerity that often falls to the wayside of other bands that jumped on the Neur-Isis bandwagon a decade or so ago. It was all to predictable then, as it is now. However, Harvey Milk again seem to veer left of any traditional molds despite a tuned down predominance akin to Neurosis, Sleep or the Melvins at their slowest. There is a stark originality that they have always reeked of, perhaps that's the reason your local scene kids never 'got' them and thankfully never will.

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