Last Minute Notice

This Saturday night at the Hideaway in good ol' Johnson City, I'll be sitting in with resident hyper-phonic noise terrorists The Growth. They have a revolving cast of members, but firmly anchored by long time experimental artist Todd Burris at the helm and bassist Daniel Dugger holding up the low end.
I've seen them with a drummer, without a drummer. With junk percussion and without. With... it's always morphing and never the same. A translation of moment and feeling with total disregard for acceptance.
Working off that ethic, I've opted to go sans laptop and derive inspiration with a different albeit more primitive approach to help fill the spaces to that which is The Growth.

Gear List:
MPC 1000
SG Violatar (thanks Keeler)
Korg MS2000
Bliptronic 5000 (2)

M-Audio Black Box (thanks Andy)
Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive (thanks Adam)
Boss Loop Station (thanks Mark)

Presonus Firebox
BBE Sonic Maximizer 828i

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