Invisible Girlfriend and a Long Ass Bikeride

Usually, I approach indie-docs with a grain of salt. But more often than not, I'm left with a surreal perception of a life I don't lead; and don't want to lead-usually for good reason.
Case in point, "Invisible Girlfriend" featuring Charles Fiholl and his invisible girlfriend Joan of Arc, as in the same woman burnt at the stake, right-her.
Right, so, Charles sets out on a journey to New Orleans via bicycle encountering all walks of life that inhabit rural Lousiana and the revealing aspects of life that keep both Charles and them placed in their animated state of drug abuse, depression, paranoia, an inept ability to communicate through swearing and vocalized hallucinations and simple lives that allow them to feel, perhaps visualize an existence rarely encountered by outisiders or often avoided. It's an enchanting and claissic tale of man vs. self and how much mileage can be covered on a one speed bike, determination and how quickly those with nothing-give everything. Thank God it's flat down there.

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