Waiting World Records

Over the next month or so I will finally be launching Waiting World Records; a creative community/record label/imprint for my music and those whom I am involved with or collaborate with or very much admire. Everything that I have previously released (MAW, Mahoney & Peck, solo works) will now be catalouged under WWR.
All releases will be available with both physical and digital download options. There will also be free downloads available as well but in advance, this is not another Net Label. I fully support such efforts but find it difficult to ask people to buy an album when there is also a free one following it up. I just don't get it and don't want to get envolved in that-at this time. As of now, what is already slated for release is Mark Mahoney's forthcoming album (not yet titled), 2 ECHOTOMB full lengths, as well as the Mahoney & Peck collaboration that is awaiting editing and mastering.
More info to come...

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