Three Holes and a Covert Lightning Bug Pt. 1

Good times were abound this past weekend in room 106 of the Hyatt in Brentwood, TN.
Our good friends Joe Baine (Lake Fever Productions) and Andy Harper (Limited Wave) swung by, had a few drinks and took a look at the mobile MAW studio. We auditioned material back and forth, dealt with numerous audio gremlins and finally around 3am started rolling tape, er... disc.
We monitored everything via headphones so as to not wake the people next door. However, I'm pretty sure they couldn't help but overhear us when we were busting guts poking fun at the band "Hell Yeah" and their tragic band name. Like ours is any better. But honestly, we know it is. Sorry Vinny, but we gave it a big "Hell No."
More to come...

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