DYSMHA CD Release Show

Friday, January 30 2009, The Hideaway, Johnson City, TN.

Mark Mahoney started the night off with a cross-genre set of glitched rhythms, lo-fi soundscapes that introduced an encompassing perimeter of post-ambient, experimental movements.
The sound was great. The emotion came across and connected with the audience in a way seldom experienced in a punk-rock, anything goes type of bar that the Hideaway in Johnson City, TN is well known for.
Next up, Dirt Worship-black ambient noise weavers also from the Tri-Cities unveiled an entirely new and much more evolving set than I had previously experienced. This set saw the blatant call and response from members Daniel and Patrick. Pummeling wall of sounds from cryptic samples, field recordings and pirated electronics held the room captive for 25 minutes of the best executed noise/experimental electronics I've heard live in some time.
Bryan Lewis Saunders filled the next 20 minutes and raised the bar for live performance art with his poignant passages stripped from the sexual commentary that riddles our digital societys to the handbooks of commom physical hygene. Backed by brilliant video works of his own to the backing audio tracks that Bryan and I have recently collaborated on "Hide and Play Dead" his set was breathe-taking and immediate. Exclamated only by the stark reality that he in his own words unveils and the audience gasps of shock.
I followed Bryan with a new set of recently designed sounds and sequences and sped up the pace of the evening with theremin, laptop, EMU-25 and X-Session Pro controllers working on Live 7 and Reaktor. Plenty to lift the roof for a solid 25 or so slinky and sweaty minutes.
The paramount of the night was the 100% improvasational "Chaotic Underworld Noise Orkestra" with myself, and the entire nights lineup. Before commencing I had mentioned and suggested a BPM, linear segment participation and individual sonic evolution. It worked out brilliantly with Bryan delivering another grim reality set to woven backdrop of Mark, Daniel, Patrick and myself hinging on power electronics and dark ambience. An unsuspecting audience charged the stage at the end of the set as we all honored the previous 17 minutes with much admiration for the other.
Good times, good times.

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