M. Peck-Glacial

"A warm wallow in a chilly geyser by the name of M. Peck ushers in the accomplished collection of tonefloat and spacedust balletics that is Glacial. A disc that will not be tied down either to genre or influence, Glacial eludes precise descriptive and referential coordinates. But that doesn’t preclude approximations: here the semblance of an Eno lilt, there the touch of a Schulze-ian tilt, now a ghost of a Roach tone, then the arc of a Biosphere drone. Michael Peck traffics in a melange of analog, digital and soft-synths to tease out a suite of innerspace and offworld icicle works. New technology goes beachcombing and picks up a chunk of old-school ambience and throws it in with some still warm fossils of Emusic. A refrigerated air wheezes through Glacial’s contours, as states are subtly altered, mellow-icy, warm-frigid, granular-viscous. Between the minimal wheezing wafts of ‘Cold Flow’ and the more complex orchestrations of ‘Debris from a Thousand Landscapes’ lies an uningratiating yet accessible ambient expanse that yields its rewards slowly, requiring further revisitings, mixing up non-linear and narrative, freeze and thaw, gossamer and crystalline. Best of all is ‘The Impending Solitude,’ which emerges from its initial amorphous chrysalis to become the most elegant of sparsely harmonized elegiac butterflies."-Alan Lockett, ei magazine (Audio Verite, August 2007)
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